General Engineering – Volume 4 – Issue 1

Editorial We all are aware of some or other form of sealing elements . Most common being O rings. Today, billions of 0-rings are used for almost every conceivable sealing application, including fluid power, fluid containment, seal pumps, valves, cylinders, and fittings in passenger cars, trucks,aircraft, farm equipment, industrial hydraulic equipment, home appliances and plumbing. […]

General Engineering – Volume 3 – Issue 4

Editorial Day- by- day the water crisis is becoming severe and severe, all over the world. There is a great need of reform in, water management system and revival of traditional systems. Traditionally it is been practiced in India with Bawaries, step wells, jhiries, lakes, tanks etc. In India really speaking we are blessed with […]

General Engineering – Volume 3 – Issue 3

Editorial The knowledge about Material Sciences, Manufacturing Processes and the tools that are required for Manufacturing have always played a big role in the growth of engineering Industry all over the world and have a direct and indirect impact on the progress of human life as well. We are discussing the activities of manufacturing and […]

General Engineering – Volume 3 – Issue 2

Edition Safety of our house is of upmost importance. An article on Fire Safety in buildings focuses on the same. The concept of fire safety aspects begins with the planning, design and construction of buildings and more so in the installation of the various services in buildings. So far it have not received the attention, […]