General Engineering – Volume 3 – Issue 4


Day- by- day the water crisis is becoming severe and severe, all over the world. There is a great need of reform in, water management system and revival of traditional systems. Traditionally it is been practiced in India with Bawaries, step wells, jhiries, lakes, tanks etc. In India really speaking we are blessed with lots of rain water. But almost in all major cities, we are allowing the major part of this rain water to get waste and unused, without any proper and organized system to store it for future. Hence this issue, we are starting with Rainwater harvesting concept and its practical implementation, to face the problem of water shortages.

India is observing strong urbanization trends for quite a long time. Existing infrastructure in cities are overloaded and on the verge of collapse. We are listening a lot about Smart cities from our leaders, town planners and their various proposals. Let us study what does a smart city really mean . In the next article we are trying readers to get idea about smart cities. And how, we in India need to plan and work for developing our cities in to smart ones.

Today we are observing lot of faulty constructed buildings are getting collapsed, causing casualties and pains to the residents. Government, time to time, has imposed number of rules and regulations to ensure that proper and safe structures are being erected. We are not aware of all such rules, while we intend to purchase a property or go for building a house ourselves and land into problems and delays. We are giving such very important and handy information in our third article on “Permissions required for  development of bungalow/ apartment.” Readers will find it very useful if you are looking for a new property.

Modern manufacturing industries are using many types of manufacturing processes for variety of Products. Increasing demand of the high quality products at lower cost has always set new challenges for the manufacturing industry to improve their processes to accomplish their market demand. Human being has first encountered with metals way back, may be in 5,000-6,000 B.C. Somewhere 2000 B.C Iron was discovered. And since @ 200 TO 300 B.C. man has learnt to make agricultural instruments by casting process. But modern casting process was evolved from 1750 when Benjamin Huntsman reinvents it, in England.


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