General Engineering – Volume 3 – Issue 2


Safety of our house is of upmost importance. An article on Fire Safety in buildings focuses on the same. The concept of fire safety aspects begins with the planning, design and construction of buildings and more so in the installation of the various services in buildings. So far it have not received the attention, it deserves. We will study the same in the first article on Fire safety in buildings.

We extensively need steels in various grades in our industries as well as for our day- to-day life. Final product is manufactured from raw steel, having a set of mechanical and chemical properties. In the next article on Heat treatment of steels we are discussing how they can be altered to the required ones, by heat treatment of them. Heat treating is often used to alter the mechanical properties of a Metal alloy such as hardness, strength, toughness, and elasticity.

There will be hardly any house where you will find, glass articles are not being used. Various glass articles are being manufactured and used since historical days. Glass appears to have been produced as far back as 1500 BC by the Egyptians and perhaps the Phoenicians. Glass uses and manufacturing developments have gone through an interesting evolution throughout human history, influenced by many cultures including those in Africa, China and Europe. In the next article we are focusing on this interesting topic – How glass is manufactured, and how it is evolved since edges.

Then we are bringing up two very interesting technologies in modern cars. First is the basic Speedometer, which is available on every dash board of vehicle. It gives alert to driver about the speed of his vehicle. We will study how it really works.

Second technology is on Telematics in cars. Telematics is the term used to refer to the wireless connectivity between a vehicle and a telecommunication infrastructure. Article discusses how the technology has played role in the safety and very good communication with the moving vehicle on the roads. Cab services in the big cities is a very good gift of this technology.


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  1. In depth explanation for fire safety. As very less useful information is available in Indian standards this article helps in fire safety for structures.

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