General Engineering – Volume 4 – Issue 1


We all are aware of some or other form of sealing elements . Most common being O rings. Today, billions of 0-rings are used for almost every conceivable sealing application, including fluid power, fluid containment, seal pumps, valves, cylinders, and fittings in passenger cars, trucks,aircraft, farm equipment, industrial hydraulic equipment, home appliances and plumbing. Every body is very much familiar WITH ‘O’ring for Pressure cooker. We are including an very useful article on O Rings. This is focusing on the theory of Sealing with O rings, various application and various materials for O rings , suitable for various applications.

No Engineer can complete his studies without knowing Albert Einstein and his theories. He is one of the greatest thinkers and physicist of 20th century, with so many inventions, discoveries, theories to his name. In that, his world famous equation “e = mc2” unlocked mysteries of the Universe theretofore unknown. Almost every day we spend, is governed in some way or the other by the laws he has discovered. But the moment one tries to read these laws, it becomes a herculean task to understand the simplicity behind it. You will find very interesting to read the article ‘ Einstein Simplified! ‘ , which is trying to explain some of his most difficult -to-understand laws and theories.

For better environment it is need of the hour that technology and nature go ahead hand in hand. Most of the air pollution is caused due to the automobile sector, thus it’s necessary to have a control on the polluting emissions. Also due to the depletion of natural oil reserves we need to search for better option, which may replace the conventional fuels. Use of combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen mixtures in gasoline engine can be a solution to this problem. Thus how the concept of Dual-Hybrid engine can be brought into existence is discussed in the article “Hydrogen Oxygen combination gasoline Engine. “

We know today, India has mastered the satellite launching technology and we are one of the global leaders in the field . Lot many other countries are looking to us for launching their satellites for many common everyday services such as weather forecasting, remote sensing, GPS systems, satellite television, and some long distance communications systems. They all critically rely on space infrastructure. Most of us are really not aware of this space technology. So we have specially included an article on Space Technology to give little insight about this fascinating technology.

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