General Engineering – Volume 4 – Issue 3


With great pleasure we are handing over this third issue of Volume IV of Journal on General Engineering. In past few articles, we have studied some basic manufacturing processes such as Casting and Forging. In this article we will be studying another process — Machining. Machining is an any process, in which a Cutting tool is used to remove small chips of material from the workpiece. There are many kinds of machining operations, each of which is capable of generating a certain part geometry and surface texture. In our first article we are discussing the universal process of machining i.e Turning — Turning with lathes.

We use lot of colored garments for various purposes. For clothing, furnishing , decorations etc. These fabrics usually are not of the plain single color. They are having various designs in various colors. How is this achieved, the article on“ Technology of Textile Printing” illustrates this colorful field of printing.

Man has developed various vehicles to travel from place to place. Naturally it has emphasized the need of good roads and shorter paths to reduce travel time. In doing so there were obstacles like hills , mountains and yes,some times rivers and sea , coming in the way of routes . Over the years man had developed technology to dig tunnels through maintains, build bridges over rivers and paved his ways to simplify the journey. In our next article we are studying this interesting engineering of digging and construction of tunnels. It is hard to believe that compressed air can be used to drive vehicles. However that is true, and the “Air car”, as it is popularly known, has caught the attention of researchers worldwide. It has zero emissions and is ideal for city driving conditions. Many automobile manufacturers have been trying to develop this new ecological vehicle with engine, called Air Engine. Our next article on “ Air Engines “ focuses on this very new developing and interesting technology.


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