General Engineering – Volume 4 – Issue 4

We all are aware of importance of radiators in car . Radiator is a type of  heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is a device , which is used for transferring heat from one fluid to another through a separating wall. These are extensively used in chemical, food and process industries. In our first article we will study the various types heat exchangers that are being used today.

Every year road traffic accidents take away lives of 1.2 million people worldwide. India accounts for about 10% of these i.e about hundred and twenty thousand lives. Most of the casualties take place due to slamming of chest in head –on collisions. Air bags are designed to keep occupants head, neck, and chest safe, from slamming into the dash, steering wheel, or windshield in a front-end crash, in a fraction of second. Air bags are fabric bags that are filled quickly with a gas to provide supplement protection for vehicle passengers during some collisions. Our second article is giving very important information on these life saving Air Bags in automobiles.

Manufacturing and workshop practices have become important in the industrial environment, to produce products for the service of mankind.

Manufacturing technology provides the tools that enable production of all manufactured goods.Thus manufacturing process really represents adding value to a raw material and creation of wealth. Our article on Overview of manufacturing processes mainly aims to give very good information on manufacturing as a whole , and help readers to select proper manufacturing process.

Further we are discussing, in details a very well known and popular machining process of milling in our next article. Article gives full information about various types of milling machines and variety of milling cutters ,tools being used in the industries, today.

In our earlier issues of Engineering journal , we have seen how textiles are getting colored or dyed or printed. Who will like to wear a poorly dyed shirts and dresses ? For the good quality of dyeing, pretreatment is very essential. Pretreatment is a heart of processing of textile. In pretreament, all the impurities are removed and fabric is brought to a stage where it is more absorbent and white and can be easily processed further. We will study , how this pre-treatment is acually achieved in our article on Pre-treatment of Textiles.


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