General Engineering – Volume 4 – Issue 4

We all are aware of importance of radiators in car . Radiator is a type of  heat exchanger. Heat exchanger is a device , which is used for transferring heat from one fluid to another through a separating wall. These are extensively used in chemical, food and process industries. In our first article we will […]

General Engineering – Volume 4 – Issue 3

Editorial With great pleasure we are handing over this third issue of Volume IV of Journal on General Engineering. In past few articles, we have studied some basic manufacturing processes such as Casting and Forging. In this article we will be studying another process — Machining. Machining is an any process, in which a Cutting […]

General Engineering – Volume 4 – Issue 2

Editorial We all are very choosy while selecting our clothes and are particular about quality, texture and most important color. A process of coloring fibres, yarns, or fabrics with either natural or synthetic dyes is called dyeing. Our first article – “Technology of Dyeing “ is discussing, this art of coloring the clothes. Metal oxidation […]

General Engineering – Volume 4 – Issue 1

Editorial We all are aware of some or other form of sealing elements . Most common being O rings. Today, billions of 0-rings are used for almost every conceivable sealing application, including fluid power, fluid containment, seal pumps, valves, cylinders, and fittings in passenger cars, trucks,aircraft, farm equipment, industrial hydraulic equipment, home appliances and plumbing. […]